Statement of President Jahier on Brexit

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It is with my deepest personal regret that we woke this morning to the news that the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union. Democracy has spoken, but the consequences will be of the scale of a nuclear explosion, rippling through the national, European and global arenas.


Now is not the time for accusations and finger-pointing. Now is the time for reflection and extending the hand of friendship for what will certainly be a time of extreme turbulence.

So let us remember our common European history:

It is the People of Europe who have and will write our History, it is the People of Europe who through their Humanity have repeatedly overcome conflict, it is the People of Europe who will now work towards solutions for our beloved European continent.

Now is the time to look ahead and to strengthen even more civil society alliances throughout Europe. Now is the time to put centre stage our common Values and Culture, in order to preserve peace and ensure progress in Europe.

So let us commit our creative passion and life's' work to all of this, to our future and that of our children.


Luca Jahier

President of the Various Interests Group of the EESC