Mr Andersson participated as a speaker in an event on "Reimagining Taxation in the Age of Digital Disruption", in Washington DC, USA

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Georgetown University Law Center, Washington D.C., Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU) and the Inter-American Development Bank arranged a conference on the impact of digitalization on taxation and tax policy in the future. Among the speakers were Chip Harter, Deputy Assistant Secretary (International Tax Affairs), U.S. Treasury and Vicente Fretes Cibils, Chief-Fiscal and Municipal Management Division, Inter-American Development Bank. Mr Andersson participated in a panel with representatives from the IMF, World Bank, Georgetown University and WU addressing “New Technologies, New Opportunities for Tax Policies”.

Mr Andersson was able to draw on the EESC opinion ECO/459 on Digital Taxation as well as on the EESC opinion ECO/434 on Taxation in the sharing economy. He gave a short presentation of the EESC and its work and mission. He also had extensive discussions on digital taxation and the sharing economy with Mr. Dmitri Jegerov, Estonian coordinator of tax issues during the Estonian European Council Presidency. A conclusion of the presentations and discussions among some 150 participants from policy institutions, business and academia was that it is important to work on a global solution to ensure that the international tax system is conducive to meet the challenges of globalization and digitalization. At the same time, tax administrations will have new opportunities to enforce and administer an appropriate tax collection using digital tools.

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