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The President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Georges Dassis, will be a guest at the Luci sul lavoro (Spotlight on work) festival in Montepulciano, where he will meet with the Italian Minister for Labour and Social Policy, Giuliano Poletti (Thursday 7 July), and take part in the workshop on Economic governance of the European Union and strengthening the social pillar: how to combine stability, growth and jobs (Friday 8 July at 10.30 a.m.).


On 4 July, the President of the European Economic and Social Committee met with Kornelios Korneliou Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the EU. Georges Dassis had a constructive discussion with the Mr. Korneliou discussing particularly the outcome of the referendum that took place in the United Kingdom on 23 June.


"There is an urgent need for structural changes, political innovation and systemic change where the social economy and civil society should be at the heart of these changes, acting as catalysts, innovators and facilitators of this transformation"