Georges Dassis meets with Giovanni Kessler, Director General of OLAF

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The EESC President met with the Director General of the OLAF on the occasion of the signature of an agreement of cooperation between the Committee and the European Anti-Fraud Office. The Committee's Bureau authorised in December the signature of this agreement by the Secretary General Luis Planas; an agreement which draws inspiration from the practical arrangements agreed between the OLAF and other European institutions and bodies, including the Parliament and the Commission. The administrative modalities agreed between the EESC and the OLAF aim to facilitate the fast exchange of information; they do not create additional legal obligations and they conform to the OLAF regulation.


During their discussion, Georges Dassis and Giovanni Kessler talked about the present and future of the relations between the EESC and the OLAF. The Committee and the European Anti-Fraud Office maintain an excellent cooperation to which the administrative modalities will add a structured framework. A concertation meeting will be held systematically every year, and it will constitute an especially good opportunity to take stock of ongoing issues.