Declaration of Oliver Röpke, President of the EESC Workers' Group

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The EESC Workers' Group strongly condemns the Turkish government's decision to invade Syria and to attack Kurdish population. An aggressive military attack is taking place at the borders of our continent.

Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving their villages; innocent women, men and children are the only victims; the internationally known female politician Hervin Khalaf, secretary general of the Future Syria Party and a strong defender of human rights, has been assassinated in the most barbaric way.

The European Union cannot turn a blind eye to this situation just in the name of an agreement with Turkey to limit migration to the EU. The announcement of some EU Member States of a banning of the weapons trade with Turkey arrives very late.

Ordinary people all around Europe have woken up to the plight of the Kurds! It is time for the European Union to end the disgraceful EU-Turkey migration deal and to establish an international emergency plan that will really help refugees currently in Turkish camps and those who are now fleeing Syria after the Turkish raids. The European Union must immediately take a stand against these crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The Workers Group expresses its indignation and sorrow regarding this humanitarian crisis.  It strongly calls on the European institutions to urgently act together to stop this massacre and to launch a strong and lasting peace plan.


Declaration of the Workers' Group