CESE president, Patrick Bernasconi, welcomes Georges Dassis, president of the EESC

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The EESC president, Georges Dassis, who was on an official visit to the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council, met with the CESE president, Patrick Bernasconi, and several members of the Bureau on Tuesday 11 October.


This meeting is part of a series of in-depth exchanges between the two institutions, including a visit to Paris by a delegation of French EESC members on 21 March with the aim of improving the quality of cooperation between the two institutions, and Patrick Bernasconi’s speech at the EESC’s plenary session on 26 May – at the invitation of the EESC president – giving an overview of the French ESEC and its activities.


Last Thursday, Mr Bernasconi and Mr Dassis met once again in Madrid at the invitation of the Spanish ESC, where they took part, along with various other Economic and Social Councils from the European Union, in the annual meeting of presidents, which focused on the future of work and social protection.


At this meeting, the EESC president highlighted in particular the importance of this question in relation to the work that the Committee is currently carrying out at the European Commission’s request on the European pillar of social rights. Similarly, the French ESEC received a referral from the French government requesting an opinion on building a Europe equipped with a pillar of social rights (rapporteurs: Emelyn Weber and Etienne Caniard).


The two institutions have therefore decided to work together on a specific project: on 14 October a jointly-organised debate will be held at the Iéna Palace. This will enable the French ESEC to conduct its work effectively and will allow the EESC to hear the views of French organised civil society on the ground, under the best possible conditions.