The state of the Energy Union – governance and implications for civil society

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The European Energy Union (EEU) is one of the key priorities of the European Commission. Launched in early 2015, the EEU programme has already resulted in various initiatives but the pace of delivery is expected to increase in 2016 and subsequent years. The programme is accompanied by the Commission's annual progress report in the form of the "State of the Energy Union" reports. Published only nine months after the EEU launch, the "State of the Energy Union 2015" report is more of a stock-taking exercise than an actual progress report. Yet, the report offers interesting insights as to how progress against EEU objectives is measured and whether and how such reporting can become an instrument that contributes to the implementation and integration of energy policies. Specifically, the public hearing will – from a stakeholder and expert perspective – be examining whether the governance process underlying the Energy Union programme is inclusive enough and how a wider set of participants may improve governance quality, whether the methods used in the annual reporting entail the right questions and appropriate evidence, and whether there are ways of improving the methods.