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Nic van Holstein, President of Trade Union Federation for Professionals
Maurice Limmen, President of National Federation of Christian Trade Unions
Leo Hartveld, General Secretary of Netherlands Trade Union Confederation
Susanna Florio, Workers Group Secreteriat
Gabriele Bischoff, Workers' Group President
Marcelis Boereboom, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Allan Larsson, EC Special Adviser for the European Pillar of Social Rights
Esther Lynch, Confederal Secretary, ETUC

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Wolfgang Greif, Workers Group
Pascal Debay, CGT Executive Committee
Amarjite Singh, Workers Group
Stanislav Štech, Charles University Prague
Doekle Terpstra, National Technology Pact 2020
Caroline de Gruyter, journalist NRC Handelsblad
Gabriele Bischoff, Workers' Group President


Extraordinary meeting of the Workers' Group – SER – The Hague