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Fabrizio Zarcone: The ESC will enrich us with new ideas

Today, on the initiative of the President of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) Zornitsa Roussinova, a meeting was held with Fabrizio Zarcone, World Bank Permanent Representative for Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, Europe and Central Asia.

“The purpose of the meeting was to find common ideas for joint initiatives between the World Bank and the Economic and Social Council in order to achieve together better effect for the benefit of the people in Bulgaria”, said the ESC President Zornitsa Roussinova in the beginning of the conversation. The meeting with the World Bank Permanent Representative is one of the first discussions that the ESC President will initiate with other institutions in Bulgaria, in which the ESC will seek partnership and new initiatives for effective solutions related to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis consequences and Bulgaria’s future development.

Zornitsa Roussinova emphasized on the need to strengthen the dialogue between civil society, on the one hand, in the form of the ESC and parliament, government and presidency, on the other hand. She pointed out the ESC expert potential, which could have even stronger, immediate and long-term impact on the process of economic and social recovery in Bulgaria. Also, the ESC President pointed out the main fields in the ESC activity for the next period, namely the economy digitalization, work with young people, implementation of the "green package" for Bulgaria, strong performance of our country in the process of joining the Eurozone.

The ESC President proposed joint initiatives for discussions with the World Bank on key economic and social issues and stressed that the ESC, as a platform for dialogue between civil society organizations, will expand the dimensions of results from the activity of the two institutions.

The Permanent Representative of the World Bank Fabrizio Zarcone defined the ESC initiative as very timely and necessary for the activities of the bank in Bulgaria. “The support of the ESC is fundamental for us, because it will enrich us with many new ideas for solutions that the World Bank proposes to the government”, said he. The World Bank conducts high-level dialogue with governments, but we need to detail our proposals and the ESC expertise could help us in this knowledge of things at home. Fabrizio Zarcone highlighted that the World Bank has very positive assessment about the dialogue with the civil society and sees that the consultations with the ESC in the future will be a mechanism for shaping decisions from bottom to the top, from the people to the government.

Zornitsa Roussinova suggested that after the adoption of the programme and action plan of the ESC a second meeting to be held with the representative of the World Bank in Bulgaria in March, during which to be outlined specific common initiatives.