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Step up for a stronger Europe! - Contributions of the National Economic and Social Councils to Europe 2020



25 Sep 2012

Contributions of the National Economic and Social Councils to Europe 2020 - an integrated EESC report


The European Council of June 2012 represented a step forward for the European Union, taking action to invest more in growth and to supplement the fiscal compact with a growth pact. The European Economic and Social Committee welcomes these measures, for which it has long been calling.

The time has come to put the "Compact for growth and jobs", adopted as part of the Europe 2020 Strategy, into real practice. How can we achieve this? What are the best levers and tools? Which areas are the best triggers for sustainable growth and social cohesion? This conference will be a major opportunity for a constructive debate on strategic levers, such as economic governance, budget, the Single Market, employment, innovation and sustainability.

The objective of this high-level conference is to showcase and share specific expertise and grassroots ideas of those who make growth and jobs a reality: social and economic players represented in the EESC and in economic and social councils across Europe and many other civil society actors at local, national, regional and European level. They are a key partner of EU institutions and governments and can help put Europe back on the track of employment and sustainable growth.

The desired outcome of the conference is to help decision-makers finding where the real potential for growth lies, where to invest and how to optimise it. Several high-level European and national decision-makers have already confirmed their participation, together with civil society representatives, national economic and social councils and similar institutions, regional/local authorities, opinion leaders and other key stakeholders.

We need more Europe which is relevant to citizens' needs, delivers jobs and prosperity and generates confidence! Join the debate and pick up some ideas!