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EESC Information letter - March 2020 - 03


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

In view of current and foreseeable developments in the Covid-19 situation and taking on board the recommendations issued by the Belgian authorities and our EU Member States, I have decided to suspend all EESC meetings and events held on and outside EESC premises, including the March plenary session, until Friday 27 March.

The proposed measures will be reviewed in the light of future developments and I will make sure to keep you posted.

Covid-19 obliges everyone to show full responsibility and caution. It is a delicate moment for everyone. However, it is necessary to continue to ensure the proper functioning of all the institutions and the EESC will do its part, continuing to work also using other working methods, in order to fulfil its functions.

As EESC President, I express my sincere solidarity with all the people who have already been affected by this epidemic, my support and recognition to those who, with dedication and unprecedented risks, are on the frontline to protect the health of citizens and residents of Europe.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,

Luca Jahier
EESC President