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  • 07/06/2017
    The annual meeting of the Presidents and Secretaries-General of the national ESCs of the EU and the EESC was held in Malta on 22-23 June 2017. At this occasion, participants discussed the theme "Towards a fair and inclusive labour market in the context of intra-EU mobility". In addition to debates on this topic, the meeting represented an excellent opportunity to exchange good practices among the participating ESCs.
  • 05/05/2017
    Statement by the president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Georges Dassis, on the occasion of Europe Day. 67 years ago, the foundations of the European Union were laid when, on 9 May 1950, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman, embarked on a new path towards European integration by proposing that a European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) be established.. ..
  • 16/03/2017
    ESC on its Plenary Session held on February 24, 2017 adopted resolution entitled “European Energy Union: impact and effects for civil society”. The resolution estimates the importance of the European Energy Union Project (EEUP) for Bulgaria and its positive influence on the energy sector, business and citizens.
  • 03/03/2017
    The Digital Single Market: How does it benefit consumers? Today's digital transformation is reshaping our lives and our economies, generating profound changes in the way we produce, consume and access to services. But equally importantly, Europe needs a fully operational Digital Single Market to ensure that all European citizens can benefit from the advantages of the digital era safely and on an equal footing.
  • 03/03/2017
    On June 2016, the Commission and the European external Action service presented the Joint Communication 'Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations'. In it, three work streams are outlined: Supporting culture as an engine for sustainable social and economic development. It involves supporting the development of cultural policies in other countries and strengthening cultural and creative industries, recognizing their economic weight and their potential for creating smart sustainable jobs. Promoting Culture and intercultural dialogue for peaceful inter-community relations. It encompasses cooperation amongst cultural operators and fostering peace-building through Inter-Cultural Dialogue.
  • 03/03/2017
    In the framework of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties, the European Economic and Social Committee held a high-level conference in Rome on 13 March 2017, entitled Sixty years of the European community — Let's shape the future. The EESC decided to focus on the important milestones achieved by the European project and, above all, explored three issues crucial to overcome the current crisis and guarantee a better future for Europe: tackling growing social inequalities, getting back on track for economic growth and providing an effective response, consistent with the principles of the European Union, to the challenge of migration.
  • 03/03/2017
    As part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties, the EESC, together with the Italian Council of Ministers and under the patronage of the Italian Parliament, is organising a conference on Sixty years of the European community — Let's shape the future, on 13 March 2017 at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.