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  • 03/10/2017
    On 9 June 2017. The Commission on Budget, Finance, Insurance and Insurance called an extended meeting to discuss a draft ESC opinion on "Accelerating the preparations for accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Eurozone". The consultation was attended by more than 20 members of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Institute for Economic Research and the Institute of Law of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Fiscal Council, the Bulgarian Macroeconomic Association, financial experts and members of the ESC. They all expressed the view that the proposed draft opinion was timely and expertly prepared. By signing the Lisbon Treaty Bulgaria has assumed the obligation to become a member of the Eurozone, everyone stressed. The remaining question is when this should happen.
  • 03/10/2017
    At his last Plenary Session ESC adopted a Resolution on "Possible directions for the development of the vocational education and training system in Bulgaria". In its act ESC found different challenges to vocational training and education (VET) such as the loss of competitive advantages in vocational education and training of the workforce, especially in the field of new technologies, the lack of effective links between training institutions and employers, the inability to develop modern professional skills in a real environment, the lack of a system for regularly forecasting the needs of vocational education and training, as well as obsolete facilities and textbooks.
  • 17/08/2017
    One of our favourite activities, the EESC Civil Society Prize, rewards initiatives from civil society organisations or individuals that make a difference for people. In 2017, the prize will reward innovative projects that create quality jobs or promote entrepreneurship.
  • 30/06/2017
    533rd Plenary Session Debate on the Digital Single Market and artificial intelligence, with Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, on Thursday 15 March at 11.15 a.m. Statement by Marcos Peña, president of the Spanish Economic and Social Council, on Thursday 15 March at 12.15 p.m. (to be confirmed).
  • 26/06/2017
    "The Europe we strive for" will be organised civil society's call for a new political impulse to relaunch the EU on the basis of our values and roots.
  • 07/06/2017
    The annual meeting of the Presidents and Secretaries-General of the national ESCs of the EU and the EESC was held in Malta on 22-23 June 2017. At this occasion, participants discussed the theme "Towards a fair and inclusive labour market in the context of intra-EU mobility". In addition to debates on this topic, the meeting represented an excellent opportunity to exchange good practices among the participating ESCs.
  • 05/05/2017
    Statement by the president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Georges Dassis, on the occasion of Europe Day. 67 years ago, the foundations of the European Union were laid when, on 9 May 1950, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman, embarked on a new path towards European integration by proposing that a European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) be established.. ..
  • 16/03/2017
    ESC on its Plenary Session held on February 24, 2017 adopted resolution entitled “European Energy Union: impact and effects for civil society”. The resolution estimates the importance of the European Energy Union Project (EEUP) for Bulgaria and its positive influence on the energy sector, business and citizens.
  • 03/03/2017
    The Digital Single Market: How does it benefit consumers? Today's digital transformation is reshaping our lives and our economies, generating profound changes in the way we produce, consume and access to services. But equally importantly, Europe needs a fully operational Digital Single Market to ensure that all European citizens can benefit from the advantages of the digital era safely and on an equal footing.