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  • 21/02/2014
    A l'agenda de la 495e Session Plénière du CESE Débat sur la situation de la société civile en Ukraine et ses attentes vis-à-vis de l'Union Européenne, en présence de • Ruslana LYZHYCHKO, leader des manifestations pro-européennes de Kiev, chanteuse, gagnante du concours Eurovision en 2004, et • Oleksiy HONCHARUK, activiste de la société civile lors de ces mêmes manifestations. La session plénière se verra également présenter le programme de travail 2014 de la Commission Européenne, par • José Manuel BARROSO, Président de la Commission européenne
  • 12/02/2014
    Nearly 200 communications experts from civil society organisations, EU and national public administrations, and the worlds of academia and the media met in Brussels for the 7th annual civil society media seminar organised by the EESC in partnership with the European Parliament.
  • 03/01/2014
    The European Economic and Social Committee and the European Commission are co-hosting a major participatory event on social entrepreneurship. Much more than a simple conference, this special Strasbourg event will be organised in an interactive way.
  • 19/11/2013
    Addressed at communications experts and national and international media specialists, this year's EESC civil society media seminar focuses on effective ways of communicating the added value of the EU ahead of the 2014 European elections. Topics include: • branding and European image-building, • communicating the cost of non-Europe, • impact of new media on public communications, • the 2014 European elections' communications challenges. The seminar is organised in cooperation with the European Parliament and will be streamed live online. You can also take part in the discussion on Twitter #eescmedia.
  • 07/11/2013
    The Economic and Social Council of Portugal (ESC) warns that the return of the country to the financial markets will not mean that the serious problems affecting the Portuguese economy will be solved. Those issues will continue to negatively condition economic growth and job creation. Indeed, some of them - such as unemployment and public debt as a percentage of GDP – have been aggravated by the implementation of the Economic and Financial Adjustment Programme (EFAP) sponsored by the IMF, the ECB and the European Commission.
  • 31/10/2013
    Opinion of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council submitted by Mrs. Amélie Rafael, rapporteur on behalf of section for economic activities