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496th EESC Plenary session



On the agenda of the 495th EESC Plenary session:

Debate on the state of civil society in Ukraine and its expectations vis-à-vis the European Union in the presence of 
Ruslana LYZHYCHKO,  leader of the Maidan protests in Kiev, singer, winner of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest - © Agency of Ruslana

• Ruslana LYZHYCHKO,  leader of the Maidan protests in Kiev, singer, winner of the Eurovision 2004 Contest, and

 Oleksiy HONCHARUK, civil society activist of the Maidan demonstrations in Kiev;


© Agency of Ruslana


The plenary session will also see a presentation of the European Commission's work programme for 2014 by 
• José Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission.

Furthermore, the EESC will have an exchange on the Lithuanian EU presidency, with a special focus on civil society dialogue and the participation of:
• Vytautas LEŠKEVIČIUS, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs
• Artūras ČERNIAUSKAS, President of LPSK (Lithuanian Confederation of trade unions)
• Rimantas ŠIDLAUSKAS, CEO at Chamber of commerce of Lithuania
• Martinas ŽALTAUSKAS, Non-Governmental Organizations' Information and Supp