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Agricultural Policies, Local Policies, Social Policies

L.N. 206 of 2012MALTA COUNCIL FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ACT(CAP. 431)Malta Council for Economic and Social Development Act (Civil Society Committee) Regulations, 2012
The organisations which shall be eligible to nominate orelect one person to represent them on the Committee shall be from thefollowing sectors of activity within civil society:(a) consumer affairs; (b) health, elderly and pensioners; (c) gender equality; (d) professions; (e) youth and students; (f) sports; (g) agriculture, rural and fisheries, (h) environmental protection and improvement,including the protection of animals, culture, arts and nationalheritage;(i) persons with disability;(j) education, social and community advancement;(k) local councils; and(l) other voluntary organisations which are enrolledwhich are not represented and which do not participate in any ofthe above sectors of activity within civil society.