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OPINION 02/2004 on the Draft Bill for an Organic Law on measures to combat violence against women

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This Draft Bill was generally well received by the Council, especially as regards its in-tegral approach and the priority accorded to solving this highly sensitive problem in our society.The Council judges that it is appropriate for the bill to be addressed not only to the au-thorities but also to society at large. Its provisions directly affect seven ministries ? Education, Justice, Interior, Labour and Social Affairs, Health, Public Administration and Finance ? in all tiers of public administration, as well as judicial institutions, na-tional law enforcement bodies, the social and economic partners, and various civic bod-ies and movements.?With the passing of this bill,? the Opinion says, ?Spain will be the first European coun-try to have an Integral Law covering the preventive, educational, social, care, health and penal aspects of the problem.?