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Приети on 22/05/2017
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May 31, 2017 Jun 01, 2017

In this exploratory opinion, prepared at the request of the European Commission, the EESC provides its contribution to the ongoing reflection on the modernisation and simplification of the CAP post 2020.  A reshaped CAP must retain the positive aspects of the current policy and adopt new measures to deal with the new challenges which include societal demands for the delivery of public goods, the EU commitments under the United Nations SDGs, climate change commitments under the COP21, bilateral trade deals and market volatility. A reshaped CAP must also get the correct balance between the needs of the consumer, taxpayers and producers.

Становище на ЕИСК: A possible reshaping of the CAP


Hearing on 19.4.2017 - Presentation of Mr Haniotis, DG AGRI, European Commission "Modernising and Simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy"

Mr Mathijs, RISE Foundation "Further modernisation of the CAP - Why, What and How?"

Mr Madre, Farm Europe "A New Ambition for EU Food Systems"

Audition du 19.4.2017 - Présentation de M. Haniotis, DG AGRI, Commission européen (seulement en anglais)

Présentation de M. Mathijs, Fondation RISE (seulement en anglais)

Présentation de M. Madre, Farm Europe (seulement en anglais)

Приети on 19/10/2017
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Oct 18, 2017 Oct 19, 2017

This opinion is part of a wider package of four EESC opinions on the future of the European economy (Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union and Euro area economic policy, Capital Markets Union and The future of EU finances). The package of opinions underscores the need for a common sense of purpose in the Union governance, which goes far beyond technical approaches and measures, and is first and foremost a matter of political will and a common perspective. The EESC is strongly in favour of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) and finds it absolutely necessary that the CMU becomes a reality in all EU Member States and calls for the political will at European level and in the Member States to make all necessary efforts and to establish all of the relevant conditions required.

Становище на ЕИСК: Capital Markets Union: Mid-term Review

Приети on 14/03/2018
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Mar 14, 2018 Mar 15, 2018


The EESC welcomes the Commission's proposal for a definitive VAT system and calls upon the Member States to cooperate closely for reaching the agreement regarding the new system. The Committee stresses that the quick fixes proposed by the Commission are important as intermediary steps for the functioning of the VAT system and encourages the Member States to adopt the quick fixes for all businesses.

Становище на ЕИСК: VAT reform package (I)

Приети on 17/10/2018
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Oct 17, 2018 Oct 18, 2018

Finance needs to be mobilised to serve the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change, create jobs and enable Europe to have a leadership in climate technologies. Moreover, money flows need to be re-directed from polluting technologies towards innovative solutions that will help Europe close the emissions gap. Admittedly, these investments will all be profitable in the long run, but how to "prime the pump"? The EESC's own-initiative opinion on the European Finance-Climate Pact will suggest solutions that can make it happen.

Становище на ЕИСК: European Finance-Climate Pact (own-initiative opinion)

Приети on 19/09/2018
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The EESC underlines European territorial cooperation (ETC) is a unique instrument of cohesion policy and one of the very few frameworks in which national, regional and local players from different Member States are systematically called upon to carry out joint measures and exchange practices and strategies.


Становище на ЕИСК: Regulation on European Territorial Cooperation 2021-2027

Приети on 17/10/2018
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The EESC welcomes the new funds, very different to each other, that will give continuity to the work undertaken, and approves of the increase in their financial allocation. Equal treatment and anti-discrimination policies represent the pillars of European policies, including those concerning the integration of third-country nationals. The removal of the word "integration" from the title is worrying, as this could be seen as reflecting diminishing concern for this aspect. The Committee welcomes the importance given to flexibility in both funds, as this entails acknowledging the importance of better reflecting the needs of each Member States within the framework of joint action.

Становище на ЕИСК: Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF) and Integrated Border Management Fund

Приети on 27/04/2016
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Apr 27, 2016 Apr 28, 2016

The EESC fully backs the objective of switching to a greener, resource-efficient and circular economy. It is happy to see that the Commission has come forward with a broader set of proposals covering all the stages of the product lifecycle compared to the previous circular economy package; however, it raises concern over the lower level of ambition, which is likely to lead to lower economic and environmental benefits.

Становище на ЕИСК: Circular Economy Package

Приети on 13/07/2016
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Jul 13, 2016 Jul 14, 2016

The EESC welcomes the "Action Plan on VAT", and calls for a  definitive VAT system that is clear, consistent, robust and comprehensive, as well as proportionate and future-proof. The Committee  welcomes the strong focus on closing the VAT gap and tackling the susceptibility of VAT to fraud. There should be results delivered without delay, including by improving cooperation between tax administrations. “Bona fide” enterprises should be protected and no new excessive measures should be imposed on them. The future system of reduced rates must combine flexibility and legal certainty, be transparent, and for the sake of simplicity the number of reduced rates and exemptions must be limited.

Становище на ЕИСК: Action Plan on VAT


VAT Action Plan - Measures to modernise VAT in the EU - Bertrand LAPALUS - DG TAXUD