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Приети on 06/12/2017
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The own-initiative opinion, prepared by the EESC Permanent Study Group on Sustainable Food Systems, will aim to identify existing challenges, policy inconsistencies and obstacles to a more coherent food policy approach at EU level; to provide examples of ongoing transitions to more sustainable food policies at local/regional/national level; to highlight the role of civil society in building partnerships among stakeholders across the food supply chain; and to define how a comprehensive food policy for the EU should look, including an indicative roadmap.

Становище на ЕИСК: Civil society's contribution to the development of a comprehensive food policy in the EU (own-initiative opinion)

Приети on 18/10/2017
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Становище на ЕИСК: Land use for sustainable food production and ecosystem services (exploratory opinion requested by the Estonian Presidency)

Приети on 25/05/2016
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In the past few years, civil society has been increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of food production and consumption. At the request of the Dutch EU Presidency, the EESC is preparing an exploratory opinion on how to achieve sustainable food systems in a resource-constrained world. The opinion takes a holistic and comprehensive approach, looking at the interdependence of food production and consumption as well as fostering inter-sectoral cooperation.

Становище на ЕИСК: More sustainable food systems (exploratory opinion requested by the Dutch presidency)

Приети on 16/09/2015
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Sep 16, 2015 Sep 17, 2015

Становище на ЕИСК: New provisions of GMOs and GM food and feed

Приети on 04/06/2014
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Jun 04, 2014 Jun 05, 2014

Opinion on the Proposal for a Directive on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to caseins and caseinates intended for human consumption and repealing Council Directive 83/417/EEC



Caseins and caseinates (category C)