Madrid Forum - European Gas Regulatory Forum

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Madrid Forum - European Gas Regulatory Forum
The purpose of these Guidelines for Good Practise (GGP) is to ensure that Transmission Operators (TSO) aim to provide the quality of services needed by the network users and that the systems and processes promote sustainable development of competition in gas supply. An overriding principle is that systems and processes implemented by the TSO maintain the safe operation of the system, whilst facilitating the development of national and EU competition in gas supply. The GGP are applicable to Transmission as defined in the International Gas Market (IGM) Directive and to which Third Party Access is required. They are a set of basics principles agreed in the Madrid Forum, aiming at the enhanced and efficient functioning of the Internal Gas Market. The GGP may be considered a helpful instrument in supporting the development of a sustainable internal gas market and furthering efficient operation and use of the interconnected EU gas transmission system.

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Recommendations on guidelines for good practice in relation to Third Party Access services, tarification, balancing etc.