COVID19 Video statement

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I am Luca Jahier.
I am Isabel Caño.
Hi, I am Stefano Mallia.
My name is Oliver Röpke.
And I am Arno Metzler.

Together, we represent civil society at European Union level. The lockdown cannot prevent us from working actively to get the voice of organised civil society heard. United we stay strong to take back our lives. Whatever it takes. The outbreak of the coronavirus will have serious consequences for our society. No government can possibly think to solve such a crisis alone. We call for fast, decisive and effective action at EU level. Now, exceptional measures and policy coherence are urgently needed. We have to do whatever is necessary to enable and support our people and to encourage them to continue with all the efforts they have made in guarding citizens' interest and humanity on European and national level. Now, we are either a Union or we are nothing!