Et si on réparait: Possible solutions to fight planned obsolescence

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Located in Brussels, Et si on réparait is and a repair and dépannage shop for PCs, audio, video, TV and multimedia. With an experience of over 30 years, Et si on réparait gives its customers the possibility of using their devices for a longer time, while ensuring their best performances.
In other words, in many cases, Et si on réparait pushes the limits imposed by the current tendency of manufacturers to produce devices perceived by consumers as being more and more fragile and less and less reliable.
Et si on réparait participated on 7 September 2015 at President's Maloss End of Mandate event. They were running a stand and holding an interactive presentation about planned obsolescence and the means to fight against it. Their parrticipation was very well received by our guests.


• Outlawing any implementation of planned obsolescence and compel manufacturers to increase the lifetime and the length of warranty of their products;

• Allowing the distribution on the European market only to products provided with a certificate of compliance, especially including the obligation to assure all necessary spare parts for repairs for at least 10 years, to render available all technical documents, to promote after- sales services...;

• Creating a reparability index;

• Making the consumer aware of the global impact of each replacement of materials;

• Encouraging local repair services;

• Promoting the devices reuse;

• Reducing the VAT rate for services with added ecological value (eVAT: ecological Value Added Tax).



Possible solutions to fight planned obsolescence