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No one will be safe from COVID-19 until everybody is safe!

The European Economic and Social Committee launched its vaccination campaign at the December plenary session

Vaccination against COVID-19, along with all the other safety measures, is the best option we have for ending the ongoing health crisis. Currently, the rate of fully vaccinated people varies considerably between countries, ranging from 26% to 82% of the total population in EU Member States. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted economies and societies across the world. Even though Europe's economy has been recovering faster than expected, people are still affected by loneliness, domestic violence or fear for their livelihoods.

EESC President Christa Schweng strongly believes that "No one will be safe from #Covid19 until everybody is safe. Getting vaccinated and respecting safety measures are the only proven ways to end the health crisis and to safeguard our common future".

Getting vaccinated will allow businesses, workers and society as a whole to get back to normal as soon as possible. Lockdowns must not become the new normal! That is why the European Economic and Social Committee launched its vaccination campaign on 8/12/2021, at its December plenary session.


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