9.30 a.m.         IntroductionErik Svensson, EESC member and Confederation of Swedish Enterprise member

9.35 a.m.         How important are small and medium-sized businesses for Sweden?Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation (tbc)

9.50 a.m.         Is EU legislation and its implementation supportive for small businesses in Sweden? Anna-Lena Bohm, vice-chairman, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and chair of the SME Committee

10 a.m.            How effective is EU legislation for SMEs? Moderator: Erik Svensson, EESC member

  • Milena Angelova, EESC member
  • Dimitris Dimitriadis, EESC member
  • Ariane Rodert, EESC member
  • Daiva Kvedaraitė, EESC member

10.30 a.m.        Coffee break

11 a.m.             Short contributions from experts and business representatives

  • Karin Atthoff, responsible for Single Market Policy, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – How do the internal market rules actually work for small businesses?
  • Krister Andersson, Chairman, Tax Policy Group, Business Europe and EESC member – How do EU tax rules help or hinder small businesses in Sweden?
  • Jan Larsén CEO, Stromma Group – My experience with interpreting (the same) legislation in different Member States.
  • Dan Brännström, Secretary General, FAR – Does the auditor see regulatory red tape? And if there is red tape, what should be done to ease the burden for small companies?
  • Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, Secretary General, Famna – How does EU legislation affect the not-for-profit sector?
  • Maud Spencer, Svalson AB, and Adam Brånby, Woolpower AB/Gränsfors Bruk, business representatives from the SME Committee – What are the practical implications of current rules for me?

12 p.m.           Group preparation for the debate

12.15 p.m.      Debate. Moderator: Ariane Rodert, EESC member

12.45 p.m.      Concluding remarks:

  • Anna-Lena Bohm, vice-chairman, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and chair of the SME Committee

1 p.m.              Buffet lunch and an opportunity to mingle

Interpreting from SV, EN and IT into EN and SV



Programme - Stockholm (Sweden) - Hearing on The effectiveness of EU policies for SMEs