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Making integration work: towards a more inclusive European society

The European Migration Forum – the dialogue platform on migration, asylum and migrant integration - will meet for the sixth time in June 2020.

Participation in the Forum meeting is by invitation only. Organisations interested to participate are invited to respond to our call for the expression of interest (see "Applications" to the left) by 3 March 2020 at the latest.


02/06/2020 03/06/2020
Building a sustainable future for the European citizens?

Building a sustainable future for the European citizens?

22/04/2020 23/04/2020

On 10 April 2020, the European Economic and Social Committee, in cooperation with the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization are organising a joint high-level conference on opportunities for SMEs in the digital single market, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.


To commemorate this year's International Women's Day (8 March), the EESC is staging an exhibition entitled "Female Notes".

06/03/2020 31/03/2020

The 6th meeting of the EU-Georgia Domestic Advisory Group will take place on 30 March 2020 in Brussels. Please click on the programme tab to consult the topics on the agenda.


On 25 March 2020, the EESC and Arizmendiarrieta Foundation are hosting a half-day conference "Towards a new European company model for the 21st century" in Brussels (EESC premises, room VMA3) with a debate focusing on the role of businesses in today's society.

At a time when markets are not working as well as they should, inequalities are rising and the environment is suffering, companies can play a crucial role and change the rules of the game. They can do so by putting people and the planet at the core of their model – that is by going back to the humanistic roots of Europe's culture.

Identifying the priorities and needed actions

The current EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies runs till 2020 and is coming to an end soon.  A new initiative for Roma integration is currently being developed.

To strive towards a more effective post-2020 initiative, a thorough evaluation of the current framework is necessary.  This hearing seeks to offer a platform to assess the current framework's shortcomings and achievements, with a view to identifying the areas that still necessitate action. It will also feature a discussion geared towards providing recommendations for the upcoming post-2020 strategy.