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The specialised ‘Transport, energy, infrastructures and information society’ Section (TEN) is also a pioneer, with a presence on the ground and in touch with civil society. It issues numerous opinions on initiatives based on in-depth analyses of the emerging policies, and organises hearings on the most important topics concerning mobility, energy, infrastructures and the information society. Furthermore, TEN is participating in various events across the EU and its neighbouring countries.

In parallel with these tasks, two permanent study groups are focusing on the Digital Agenda and the European Energy Community respectively. These groups are actively contributing to developing the policy debate as well as supporting the work of the European Commission and other European institutions.

As regards transport, Section TEN is seeking in particular to improve the Trans-European Networks through structured dialogue and public debate.

Listening and dialogue are at the heart of our activities. Members of all professional groups are welcome to contact us with any questions concerning the opinions currently being drawn up.





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