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European Research Infrastructure Consortium

Proposal for a Council Regulation - Amending Regulation (EC) No 723/2009 concerning the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructures Consortium (ERIC)

EESC opinion: European Research Infrastructure Consortium

Key points:


  • supports the proposed amendment to Article 9 of the ERIC Regulation in order to eliminate discrimination between Member States and associated countries and boost more active participation of associated countries in setting up and operating future ERICs;
  • believes that the Community can retain enough control over essential elements of ERIC activities;
  • is concerned about the slow pace at which the ERIC legal instrument is being applied;
  • urges the Commission to provide maximum support to potential partners;
  • recommends that the Community contributes more to the co-financing of ERIC projects, by ensuring better synergies between the Structural Funds and the Horizon 2020 Framework programme.


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