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Without a European vision, there can be no sustainable solution to energy access

Statement by the EESC President. During his visit to Lithuania, Henri Malosse, EESC President, travelled to the Ignalina plant, closed at the request of the European Commission as one of the conditions of Lithuania's accession to the European Union.

"Access to energy is a key issue for all countries as well as their citizens. However, if Europe is to play a role, if European integration is to make sense, it is precisely by addressing the strategic challenge of sharing energy resources. Member States will achieve nothing in the long term if they act alone."

The closure of the Ignalina nuclear power plant, located relatively close to the Chernobyl site, has increased awareness of the issue of energy access in Lithuania. However, this is not solely a problem for Lithuania or its Baltic neighbours. It is a crucial issue for Europe as a whole.


CP 36 2013 EN President's statement