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New presidency for the EESC: Henri Malosse wants to put citizens at the heart of the public debate

Henri Malosse is kicking off a 2½-year tenure as head of the EU institution representing civil society. With the public increasingly at a loss to understand decisions taken by the European Union, the new president is determined to make the EESC once again a force to be reckoned with in the European debate. This is a priority, he believes, given the crisis Europe is now facing.

As he takes up office as the EESC's thirtieth president, Henri Malosse is keenly aware of the disconnect between Europe and its citizens, a fact again brought home by the Greek and Cyprus crises. Convinced that one of the answers lies in a rebalancing of forces in Brussels, he wants the European Union's second assembly to do more to embody people's real expectations in areas such as job creation, combating youth alienation, protection of savings and access to health care.