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Ahead of the European Council meeting of 24-25 October, the EESC opposes a merely declaratory policy

Henri Malosse et Herman Van RompuyThe European Economic and Social Committee has met the European Council president, Herman Van Rompuy, ahead of the upcoming summit on 24 and 25 October. Underlining the weight of Europeans' expectations in the field of economic and social policies, the Committee expressed its expectations of tangible and rapid achievements that would enable Europe to restore public confidence.

The president of the EESC, Henri Malosse, the president of the Employers' group, Jacek Krawczyk, the president of the Workers' group, George Dassis, and the vice-president of the Various Interests group, Ariane Rodert, thus presented a series of proposals in the context of the social dimension of economic and monetary union. The representatives of organised civil society see these tangible proposals as pivotal to strengthening European action.

The Committee underlines that the social dimension is not limited to the European Commission's social scoreboard. Measures such as the Youth Guarantee warrant immediate achievement. Thus, the Committee warns that the Member States have still not proposed anything specific and that there is a great risk of a merely declaratory policy. The Committee also stresses the importance of mobility and a more homogeneous labour market in Europe for business development and combating unemployment. In fact, it is incomprehensible why today in a sector such as IT, 900 000 jobs are not being taken up.

The EESC president, Mr Malosse, was very satisfied with the meeting: "We had a constructive dialogue with a European Council president who is worried by the loss of public confidence."

From now on the two presidents will meet before every European Council in order to discuss issues on the agenda that directly impact economic and social actors.

Herman Van Rompuy salue les Présidents de groupes


Short video of the meeting here


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Ahead of the European Council meeting of 24-25 October, the EESC opposes a merely declaratory policy