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Vice-President Jane Morrice awards the winners of EESC European Award for Excellent Sustainable Design 2013


At the selection board meeting held on 18 July 2013 at the headquarters of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels, five particularly outstanding products were chosen to receive the EESC European Award. All five prizes have equal status and they are not listed here in any order of merit, since each product in its own right covers various aspects in the field of design and/or sustainability. Through this award the EESC would like to draw attention to the need for sustainable and responsible action for a better future. The EESC European Award is granted as a sign of recognition at the highest level and to promote the quality of life in Europe.


Dedon – Fedro

This product has an unusual, innovative and very attractive design. What is particularly impressive is that all the materials collected and used to make it were remnants from other production processes. As a result, there is no waste and both the materials and production are consistent with European sustainability policy. Moreover, the entire business concept can be presented as a model for social employment policy. Social commitment and respect are core values of the producing company in South-East Asia. The skills and knowledge of the people there are incorporated into the manufacturing process in a constructive manner, taking into account the situation on the local labour market.

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Klimagriff (Air Handle)

The EESC has recently been working on opinions concerning climate change. The "Air Handle" product supports the EESC's policy by making a meaningful and controlled use of energy possible. Heating costs can be saved and health damage avoided through the targeted exchange of air in enclosed spaces. One thing which was particularly pleasing was the automatic recording of data that cannot be falsified and which can be used in any cases where a dispute or damages are involved. The design is unobtrusive and functional.

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Nicol Globe Light

This product struck a chord immediately with its simple but attractive design. The spherical shape and the material harmonise well with each other and make this lamp very versatile. Through its atmospheric and yet bright light it becomes more than just a decorative object and conveys a sense of well-being and relaxation that transcends all cultures - as shown by its effect on the international selection board.

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Annette Douglas Textiles - ACOUSTICS®

Functionality based on years of research is combined here with an elegant design. Noise insulation is optimised with the help of these curtains. The properties and colours of the materials used are timeless and complement modern architecture in particular. The materials comply with the demanding European standards for public buildings and improve speech intelligibility in rooms. This can be an advantage at international meetings, for example.

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Nya Nordiska Textiles - Tex Glass

The innovative combination of fabric design and glass provides new possibilities for interior design. Established international glass specialists have developed various laminated glass designs in which repeated use is made of already excellent materials with internationally listed prices. The products are an absolute "eye-catcher" and are distinguished by their special design, as well as the novel aspect of the material used.

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