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Speak sustainable, build sustainable







Right at the start of this year's EU Sustainable Energy Week, we launched a groundbreaking and easy-to-use publication, a multilingual glossary entitled Let's Speak Sustainable Construction! At the EESC we work on EU policies and advise EU institutions, and the output of our work can often take a very practical form. This multilingual glossary of sustainable construction terms explained in and translated into almost every EU language proposes a common understanding of the terms that the various construction stakeholders are using on the ground. Construction stakeholders need to talk to each other, and this glossary is a pragmatic step towards more harmonised development of the EU's construction sector.

I believe sustainable methods of building design and construction have the potential to offer solutions to many of the economic, social and environmental challenges that Europe is facing today. Sustainable construction is vital for the EU's energy security and for fighting energy poverty among our citizens. In fact I wonder how the millions of low-income households in the EU will be able to pay for the energy efficiency measures that would help them reduce the financial burden of their monthly energy bills.