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Single Market Forum, Cracow, Poland, from 2 to 4 October 2011

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The Single Market Forum took place in Cracow, Poland, from 2 to 4 October under the auspices of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Polish Presidency. With the participation of businesses, social partners, NGOs and public authorities it examined the current state of the Single Market, ahead of its 20th anniversary (1992-2012), and contributed to policy evaluation - all of this in the context of the implementation of the Single Market Act.

Through its Single Market Observatory (SMO) the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is directly involved in the process initiated by Commissioner Barnier to relaunch the Single Market. The EESC contributes to the fine tuning of all relevant policies through the input of civil society organisations represented by its members. It also bridges the gap between Europe and civil society by going local on various issues (e.g. the SMO public hearing in Bucharest, Romania, on 12 September, which is entitled "The Single Market Act - Time for Action! The Priorities of Romanian Civil Society Organisations".

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Alongside the Single Market Forum, a "Single Market Fair" took place in Cracow's Main Market square (Rynek Główny). A large tent, in the shape of a dome, was open to the public to present a range of European assistance services available to citizens and businesses to take advantage of the Single Market. 15 exhibitors were gathered under the dome to explain how their service can concretely assist Europeans in their everyday life or business activities. The European Economic and Social Committee run an information stand there. 

A 9 member EESC delegation attended the Single Market Forum. Ivan Voleš (Group I, Employers – Czech Republic) participated in Workshop n° 8 ("Implementing the Single Market – Success Stories") while EESC president Staffan Nilsson took the floor at the 4 October plenary session. He compared the Single Market with an unfinished symphony performed by 27 soloists...


At the first Single Market Forum in Krakow, the EESC president describes the Single Market as an unfinished symphony with 27 soloists