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Public Consultation on the EU Citizenship "EU citizens - Your rights, your future" in all EU languages. 

Between 9 May and 9 September 2012 you have the chance to give your view on your rights as an EU citizen.

  • Have you ever encountered difficulties moving to another EU country? 
  • Have you ever had problems when trying to shop online from another EU country? 
  • What are the issues you face during your studies or your professional life? 
  • In what kind of Union would you like to live in 2020?

Your view really matters!

In 2010 the first EU Citizenship Report was published in order to inform EU citizens about their rights. 25 actions to improve the daily life of citizens are listed at the end of this report. These actions are on track: you can check the progress made in the different areas on the factsheet page of the European Commission.

Your views will help preparing the next EU Citizenship Report that will be published in 2013 – The European Year of Citizens.

This public consultation by the European Commission is aimed at all EU citizens and organisations. The European Commission, together with the other EU institutions such as the EESC, are working to strengthen your citizens' rights! The consultation addresses any obstacles you might be facing in your daily life as a European Citizen living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling within the EU. But is also about listening and hearing your ideas about how to remove these obstacles and further develop the EU citizenship.


Already more than 3000 participations. Have your say too!


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