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Energy Efficiency event at the EESC

Public and private sector should work in partnership to achieve the EU sustainable energy targets, boost green growth and get out of the crisis, 22 June 2012

“A Covenant of Companies associated with the Covenant of Mayors will be an engine for recovery, growth and jobs.” Henri Malosse, President of the EESC Employers Group voiced the key message of the event “Covenant of Mayors signatories meet business to convert plans into actions”, held last Friday 22 June during the EU Sustainable Energy Week at the EESC.
“A green economy represents a huge opportunity for the private sector and SMEs are the real protagonists of the green revolution” said Diego Canga Fano, Head of Cabinet of Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for industry and entrepreneurship.
Building on the model and success of the Covenant of Mayors, the EESC proposes to create a Covenant of Companies. Antonello Pezzini, Member of the EESC Employers’ group and mentor of the idea, states that this new platform geared towards companies “will be responsible for collecting and coordinating industry-specific energy efficiency action plans and for allocation of funding”.
The event was co-organised with the Covenant of Mayors' Office (a voluntary commitment taken by over 4,000 local and regional authorities demonstrating cooperation between different levels of governance), and discussed how the cooperation between local authorities and the private sector can be further enhanced and lead to green growth and job creation.