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Annual Growth Survey 2018

Practical information

Composition of the subcommittee and calendar
Administrator in charge: Raul Muriel Carrasco | Assistant: Anca Boatca
Foreseen for the Plenary Session of 14-15 February 2018


This opinion is on the Annual Growth Survey 2018 (AGS), which establishes the main economic priorities and provides policy guidance for the following year. The European Commission published the 2018 AGS on 22 November 2017 as part of the European Semester Autumn Package. The 2018 AGS is focused on fostering job creation and growth and establishes three main priorities:

  • boosting investment to support the recovery and to increase long-term growth;
  • structural reforms for inclusive growth, upward convergence and competitiveness;
  • responsible fiscal policies to support sustainability and convergence.

The 2018 AGS receives inputs from the different policy documents providing the framework for the reflection. The 2018 AGS takes guidance from the White Paper on the Future of Europe and the reflection papers on the deepening of the economic and monetary union and on the social dimension of Europe.

In parallel to the 2018 AGS opinion, the EESC is preparing other opinions dealing with the European Semester: on the Recommendation for a Council Recommendation on the economic policy of the euro area; on the Economic and Monetary Union Package; and on the employment guidelines.

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