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EESC resolution defends core values, says Krawczyk (Version anglaise uniquement)

"This resolution is not about defending any particular country, a group of countries or its citizens. It is about the core principles that the European Union is built on," said Jacek Krawczyk, EESC Vice-President, upon the adoption by the Committee of a resolution condemning a denunciation website set up by a Dutch political party. 

On 8 February 2012, the Partij voor de Vrijheid PVV (Party for Freedom) launched a website inviting people to express their grievances about people from Eastern and Central Europe working in the Netherlands.

In mid-March the European Parliament adopted a resolution whereby MEPs "strongly condemned the website", which, as they put it, "risked destroying the very basis of the Union, which is pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and freedom of movement". 

The text adopted by the European Economic and Social Committee deplored the fact that "the message sent out by this website goes against the principle of non-discrimination, by discriminating against European citizens on grounds of nationality." Yet the principal goal of the resolution is "not about defending any particular country, a group of countries or its citizens", said Jacek Krawczyk, EESC Vice-President. "This resolution is more of a plea to respect the principles and values that the EU is founded on and that the EESC will always defend".

The document reiterated the Committee's commitment to fight against "all activities that go against fundamental European values, including freedom, equality and respect for human rights."

It also brought further pressure to bear against the Netherlands by calling "on the Dutch people and the Dutch government to take decisive action against this initiative, which can no longer be tolerated".