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Europe 2020 Work Programme 2015-2018

The EESC continues to work on the Europe 2020 strategy, with its network of national ESCs and similar organisations, as it is an important tool for civil society at large as regards measuring the socio-economic progress made in the Member States. Despite the fact that it has not delivered satisfactory results, the strategy has to be kept on track.

A review is ongoing, whereby the European Commission will develop a longer term vision going beyond the year 2020, in the light of the 17 new Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations for 2030, and to take into consideration the 10 priorities of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) as part of the Juncker Plan relaunching growth, jobs and innovation.

The Europe 2020 Steering Committee (SC) needs to focus on making a timely contribution to this process. It will formulate political and practical proposals by carefully considering the lessons learned from the first five years, with a particular focus on implementation aspects.

Due to the cross-cutting nature of the strategy, the SC is monitoring the thematic works of the sections/CCMI and observatories.


Download the full text below.


Work programme of the Bureau's ad-hoc group "Europe 2020 Steering Committee" for 2015-2018