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The EESC believes the EDIDP and the EDF are important drivers of both Europe's economy and integration.
In the two opinions on Europe's defence policy adopted at the plenary, the EESC argued that Member States should strive for a more coordinated and responsible form of EU defence, although Europe's defence policy should remain embedded in the NATO framework.


Climate change mitigation and cross-sectoral climate issues were the focus of the thematic debate held as part of the TEN section's monthly meeting on 22 November 2017. Civil society organisations should have a central role in the negotiation and implementation of UN climate change agreements, highlighted the EESC members taking part in recent COP meetings on climate change.


The successful integration of third-country nationals into the European Union's labour markets should be seen as a real opportunity for society as a whole, and the measures taken in this regard could be used to create better opportunities for all citizens and especially for other disadvantaged groups such as minorities and the long-term unemployed, revealed a conference held this month at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).