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The first ever launch event for the European Day of Sustainable Communities will showcase the critical contribution that community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability are making to support EU policy goals in these areas.


Turkey’s geographical position makes it a first reception and transit country for many refugees and migrants. As the result of an unprecedented influx of people seeking refuge, the country currently hosts around 3 million registered Syrian refugees and is making commendable efforts to provide them with humanitarian aid and support. The EU is committed to assist Turkey in dealing with this challenge. The EU-Turkey Statement, which was issued on 18 March 2016, reconfirmed both parties' commitment to the implementation of the EU-Turkey joint action plan activated on 29 November 2015.


The hearing will explore EU funded projects and identify best practices and challenges. The main focus will be on the impact of funding on field work and on the design of projects and their implementation. Additionally, the sustainability of projects and absorption capacity will be discussed.


La conférence «Solutions intelligentes pour des sociétés durables et inclusives» se concentrera sur la promotion des services électroniques, du cybergouvernement, du développement urbain et des solutions électroniques et de leur rôle dans la promotion de l'innovation et une UE durable et inclusive, qui est une composante cruciale de l'Estonien actuel Programme de travail de la présidence.