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Hearing on the own-initiative opinion on "The core role of trade and investment in meeting and implementing the SDGs"

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The hearing will aim to identify how trade and investment policies can contribute to the achievement of SDGs.

The main questions which will be discussed during the debate will include:

  • Can trade and sustainable development be mutually reinforcing?
  • How can trade policy be used as a tool for implementing  the SDGs? Are there any concrete examples from the EU trade and investment policy that can be used as best practices?
  • Are there SDGs, which are particularly  dependent on the existence on an open, rule-based, equitable multilateral trade system? 
  • What should be the role of private sector in achieving SDGs through trade and investment policies?
  • Can civil society be instrumental in achieving SDGs through trade policy?
  • How can ''Aid for trade'' be an efficient tool for achieving SDGs?