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Food donation: fighting food poverty and addressing food waste

JDE 62, 2.00 pm - 6.30 pm

Programme in pdf

2.00 pm: Registration

2.30 pm: Welcome
  • Henri Malosse, President of the European Economic and Social Committee
  • Yves Somville, EESC rapporteur on food waste
2.40 pm: SESSION 1: Food donation in Europe – Challenges and opportunities

Presentation of the comparative study on EU Member States' legislation and practices on food donation, Clementine O'connor et Manuela Gheoldu (BIO by Deloitte)

Presentation of good practices by:

  • Angela Frigo, Banco Alimentare, Italy
  • Thomas Pocher, member of E.Leclerc in northern France and founder of Greentag. Partner of the INTERREG IVB GreenCook project (France)
  • Etienne Rubens, Komosie - Federation of Environmental Entrepreneurs in the Social Economy (Flanders, Belgium)
  • Paula Policarpo, DariAcordar, Portugal,

MODERATOR: Igor Šarmír, EESC Member- Working group on food waste

4.00 pm: Coffee break

4.15 pm: SESSION 2: Roundtable: What can be done to facilitate donation of surplus food to food banks?
  • Yves Somville, EESC rapporteur on Food waste: Presentation of the draft Charter"/recommendations to facilitate food donation in the EU
  • Camelia Bucatariu, FAO, SAVE FOOD initiative 
  • Chantal Bruetschy, DG Health and Consumers, European Commission
  • Representative of the Ministry of agriculture, agrifood and forestry (France) (tbc)
  • Gérard Alix, European Federation of Food Banks - FEBA

MODERATOR: Joana Agudo i Bataller, EESC Member - Working group on Food waste

5.30 pm: CONCLUSIONS: Seppo Kallio, President of the Permanent Study Group on Food Security

5.45 pm: Close of conference

6.00 pm: Vernissage of photo exhibition "One Third" and cocktail in the Foyer