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Towards the EP elections - Communicating the added value of Europe

7th Civil Society Media Seminar | EESC, Brussels | 25-26 November 2013

Structure of the seminar

Monday, 25 November 2013

09:00 – 09:30 Registration of participants

09:30 – 10:45 Opening session

10:45 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 – 13:00 European image building

13:00 – 14:30 Buffet lunch

14:30 – 16:30 Communicating the cost of non-Europe

17:00 – 18:00 Visit of the Parlamentarium

20:00 – 22:00 Networking dinner

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

09:00 – 11:00 Impact of the changing media landscape on public communication

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break

11:15 – 12.45 2014 European elections: This time it's different!  The communication challenges of the European elections' campaign

12:45 – 13:00 Concluding remarks

13:00  – Takeaway lunch

1. Welcome and opening interventions

25 November 9:30-10:45

  • Jane Morrice, Vice-President, EESC
  • Emily O'Reilly, European Ombudsman

2. European image-building: lessons from public diplomacy and corporate branding

25 November 11:00-13:00

Key note speech by Simon Anholt, founder and Editor Emeritus of the quarterly journal,
Place Branding & Public Diplomacy, and publisher of the Anholt Nation Brands Index and
City Brands Index. Professor Anholt is acknowledged as the creator of the concept of 'nation
branding' and has advised the leaders of more than 50 countries, cities and regions on their
international engagement strategies.

Discussion panel:

  • Anthony Gooch Galvez, Director of Public Affairs & Communications, OECD
  • Patrick Itschert, Deputy General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation
  • Kristel Vanderlinden, Head of strategy and managing partner at Ogilvy Brussels

Cveto Stantič
, EESC Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, Entrepreneur

3. Communicating the cost of non-Europe

25 November 14:30 – 16:30

Key-note speech by:
Rapporteurs for the EESC opinion "Towards an updated study of the cost of non-Europe"

Discussion panel:

  • Tamás Király, Head of EU Communications Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary
  • Joseph Dunne, Acting Director for the Directorate for Impact Assessment and
    European Added Value European Parliament
  • Jacek Krawczyk, President of the EESC Employers' Group

Béatrice Ouin
, EESC Member, Journalist and Head of Mission, International and European
Department of the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT)

4. Impact of the changing media landscape on public communication

26 November 09:00-11:00

Key note speech by Jon Worth, political blogger, EU affairs expert and co-founder of, an EU affairs blogging aggregator. He is also a partner of techPolitics LLP,
a small agency dedicated to social media strategy and training for politics.

Discussion panel:

  • Marjory van den Broeke, Head of the European Parliament's Press Unit
  • Igor Schwarzmann, Co-founder of Third Wave, a Berlin-based digital think tank and strategy consultancy

Thierry Libaert, EESC Member, Professor – Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po)

5. 2014 European elections: This time it’s different! The communication challenges of the European elections’ campaign

26 November 11:15-12:45

Introduction by Stephen Clark, Director for relations with citizens, European Parliament

Discussion panel:

  • Reijo Kemppinen, Director General, Press, Communications, Transparency, Council of the EU.
  • Ylva Tivéus, Director of Citizens at the Directorate-General Communication of the European Commission
  • Christophe Leclercq, Founder and Publisher of

Stephen Clark
, Director for relations with citizens, European Parliament

6. Concluding remarks

  • Jane Morrice, Vice-President, European Economic and Social Committee
  • Anni Podimata, Vice-President, European Parliament