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Statement on the draft conclusion of an international treaty

Given that the Council is due to on 30th January 2012,


the President of the Workers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee, on behalf of the Group


  • notes that the economic situation of the European Union worsens and unemployment rises, hitting particularly young people;
  • emphasizes that the austerity measures unfairly affect those who have no responsibility for the crisis - particularly the weak ones - and that these measures will mainly cause a recession that will only aggravate the situation further;
  • urges the Council to begin to thwart speculators, who are taking the States in hostage, that is to say the peoples;
  • demands in particular:

    • the introduction of euro bonds and taxation on financial transactions,
    • the assignment of a wider role to the European Central Bank to promote growth and employment,
    • the signing of a "European pact" for growth and employment,
    • the establishment of a governance giving a single voice to the euro,
    • the establishment, beyond monetary union, of a true economic social and financial union, based on the solidarity between Member States;
  • notes that in its resolution of 18th January 2012 on the conclusions of the European Council meeting on 8th and 9th December 2011, the European Parliament expresses its doubts about the necessity of such an intergovernmental agreement and stresses that the only the Community method can turn the European Monetary Union into a genuine economic and budgetary Union. The Workers' Group regrets that Parliament, as it sets out a series of perfectly justified concerns, do not blame more firmly the Council for this inappropriate way to proceed;
  • fully supports the declaration adopted by the Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation on 25th January 2012 and considers, in agreement with the ETUC, that this new treaty will weaken Europe instead of redressing it and it will further undermine the public confidence in European integration;
  • expresses its solidarity with the action of the Belgian workers, all together, the three Belgian trade unions represented in the EESC, specifically scheduled on Monday, January 30. It reminds that this action reflects, as other actions in other Member States, the legitimate indignation of those who, after the costs of financial mistakes, will still have to pay the bill of governance errors.


The Workers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee reaffirms its commitment to a social, strong, and sustainable Europe, a Europe bearer of hope for its citizens. It will continue its fight in this direction, with the European Trade Union Confederation and the national trade union confederations.


Brussels, 26th January 2012

George Dassis



EESC Group II Statement on the draft conclusion of an international treaty