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Information Letter - February 2017


The upcoming EESC Plenary Session on 22-23 February, 2017 will deal with the adoption of several important opinions. Please let me highlight two exploratory opinions in the field of education and skills that were produced at the request of the Maltese Presidency. In response to this request, the EESC prepared an opinion titled 'High quality education for all'.

This means providing every individual with the opportunity to develop his/her potential talent in a high quality inclusive and equitable educational context. However, this requires strong supportive socio-economic measures to address the obstacles to lifelong achievements faced by children living in poverty.


On the other hand, it also requires using the three types of education (formal, informal and non-formal), which are crucial to prepare individuals for the world of work and to contribute to society. The EESC encourages Member States and social partners to strengthen the correlation between the national and European social dialogue because the European social dialogue in the education sector is crucial for meeting the Europe 2020 strategy and the Agenda 2030 goals.