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European Economic and Social Committee - Economic and Social Council of Greece


"The social dimension of 'Europe 2020' policies
for combating the crisis"
Conference, in the framework of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Athens, 25/4/2014


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Europe 2020: the future of employment in Europe and Italy – Conference, General Labour Union of Italy -Rome, 31 May 2011

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The European Semester: who does what and when ?

(yearly agenda of submission of the documents for the monitoring of the implementation of the strategy EUROPE 2020)

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Statistics for policymaking: Europe 2020 – Conference, 10-11 March 2011


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The Lisbon Council - Europe 2020 Summit – Brussels, March 2011


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17/09/2010 – Brussels – CCE/CNT/EESC -  The role of the social partners in framing, implementing and monitoring the Europe 2020 strategy

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  • European Citizens' Initiative Day 2015: Review, Renew, Reset!

    On the 1st of April 2015 the European Commission will publish an assessment report on the first three years of ECI implementation. This year's ECI Day will focus on the launch of the European Commission's ECI assessment report.

    The launch of this assessment report is an important opportunity for the European Economic and Social Committee as well as all ECI stakeholders and other European Institutions, who have been actively participating in ECI discussions, to be presented the report and reflect on it.

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  • Yes to a principle of European territorial continuity leading to development of island regions

    Territorial continuity is a principle handled on the Member State level to compensate for the disadvantages of their peripheral territories: their remoteness, isolation and lack of accessibility. The recent development of the new European transport policy, however creates the need to handle territorial continuity at the European level, as an extension of the cohesion objective ...


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  • The economic and social situation in Bulgaria

    This study was carried out by CITUB's Institute for Social and Trade Union Research in close cooperation with PODKREPA's Institute for Social, Economic and Trade Union Research.

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  • Some socio-economic aspects of the EU mountain areas

    Europe’s mountain areas can be characterised in terms of their topographic specificities, they exhibit great diversity in many aspects and at all scales, with regard to natural conditions, structural diversity, urbanisation, socio-economic trends, policy implementation.

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