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European Economic and Social Committee - Economic and Social Council of Greece


"The social dimension of 'Europe 2020' policies
for combating the crisis"
Conference, in the framework of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Athens, 25/4/2014


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Europe 2020: the future of employment in Europe and Italy – Conference, General Labour Union of Italy -Rome, 31 May 2011

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The European Semester: who does what and when ?

(yearly agenda of submission of the documents for the monitoring of the implementation of the strategy EUROPE 2020)

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Statistics for policymaking: Europe 2020 – Conference, 10-11 March 2011


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The Lisbon Council - Europe 2020 Summit – Brussels, March 2011


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17/09/2010 – Brussels – CCE/CNT/EESC -  The role of the social partners in framing, implementing and monitoring the Europe 2020 strategy

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  • European industry and monetary policy / Role of the EIB - Main issues

  • EU Monetary Policy (ECB) and Investment Policy (EIB) - Some basic concepts

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  • Industry and monetary policy

    The Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) has recently launched a project dedicated to the role of the European Investment Bank in the framework of the monetary policy and the European industry.

  • Towards a new European neighbourhood policy

    The Neighbourhood policy is high on the agenda of the EESC's external relations priorities. This opinion will provide the contribution of the Committee to this consultation process as a first step, to be followed by a reaction to the Commission document that will be issued in the 2nd semester of 2015.


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  • WasteReuse: Towards a Sustainable Use of Agricultural Waste

    The pollution potential of agricultural wastes is high on a long-term basis. Their disposal may affect natural resources such as surface and ground waters, soil and crops, as well as human health. Organic materials such as agricultural and forestall residues have been utilized for years in many countries for fertilizing and maintaining or improving the productivity and fertility of their agricultural soils. The gradual replacement in the past of organic wastes by chemical fertilizers and the failure to implement effective soil conservation practices had resulted in many countries in extensive degradation of the agricultural soils and in decline of productivity. The WasteReuse Forum will provide briefing on latest research results and practical experiences regarding the sustainability of agricultural and organic waste types to be reused in farming.

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