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A "one-stop shop" to the world of the Economic and Social Councils and similar institutions operating in the European Union. Find more about events and initiatives, access the websites of the Councils, get information on the works and activities of these consultative bodies and contact points, consult the documentary database.

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The CESlink Database

The CESlink database is a joint documents' database of the Economic and Social Councils (ESCs) in the European Union. The database includes a wide range of works: Opinions, Advisory Reports, Resolutions, Studies, Agreements, Draft bills, Annual Reports, Proceedings, Newsletters – drafted since the creation of the CESlink community.

The documents concern various policy domains: Agriculture, Economy and Finance, Industrial Changes, Single Market, Social Policies, Transport and Communication, Local and International Policies– as well as works on themes of common interest for all the ESCs, such as Climate Change, Immigration, Labour, Growth and Jobs. The database, which contains over 2000 documents, may be searched following several criteria: by Council, by Date, by Typology and by Subject.

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