Annual meeting of the presidents and secretaries-general of the national Councils and of the EESC 2011

16/09/2010 > 17/09/2010 Meeting - Brussels, Belgium

During their annual meeting on September 16, 2010, in 99, Belliard St., the Presidents and Secretaries-General of the national ESCs and of the EESC examined the issue of involving the social partners and organised civil society in the achievement of the 'Europe 2020' strategy. The Declaration adopted at the end of the meeting underlines their wish to be fully involved in the strategy and the need to exchange experiences and good practices, using tools such as the Lisbon Strategy Observatory of the EESC and the CESlink network.
The declaration follows the responses given to a questionnaire by the Presidents and Secretaries General. The contributions, including difficulties encountered, good practices and proposals are available here.
The Economic and Social Council of the Netherlands (SER) expressed its readiness to host the annual meeting next year.
The meeting was followed, on September 17, by a conference organised jointly by the Belgian Central Economic Council and National Labour Council and the EESC, with the support of the Belgian Presidency of the EU, on 'The role of social actors in the implementation of Europe 2020 strategy". During the conference, Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ, European Commissioner in charge of interinstitutional relations, spoke for the President of the European Commission, stating that the implementation of the strategy depends upon the implication of all the social actors and of the civil society in the Member States in elaborating and achieving the national reform plans. Speech by Commissioner Šefčovič
In a letter addressed to the former EESC President, Mario SEPI, the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durão BARROSO underlines the role of the social partners gathered within the national economic and social councils and within the EESC, for the implementation of structural reforms at national level, in order to achieve the goals of 'EU2020'.