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Développement durable

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    CESE, Bruxelles, JDE 52

    Réunion publique de l'Observatoire du développement durable. La route à partir de Rio est au moins aussi important que la route vers Rio. De retour de Rio, le CESE souhaite ramener Rio chez nous et contribuer à l'implémentation des résultats et discussions, en particulier au sein de l'Union européenne.

  • Article de discours 19 Jun 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    President`s opening speech at the 6th EU-Brazil Round Table The European Economic and Social Committee has been actively preparing for this moment, in particular through fostering dialogue aiming at a joint understanding of the issues at stake and at common civil society recommendations. I am pleased to say that this work has been particularly fruitful with our Brazilian partners. We have been working for more than one year with the Brazilian Council for Economic and Social Development on our views on sustainable development. All this work has been synthesised in a joint report by the two organisations, which aims at contributing to the debates in Rio.
  • Article de discours 23 May 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    Staffan Nilsson keynote speech on soil & water at the Green Week 2012 Soil is crucial to our livelihoods, as it supplies us with food, fibre, fuel and raw materials. We certainly consider it to be an issue of strategic importance, and not only as an environmental issue but also as a key element of sustainable economic growth in Europe.
  • Article de discours 3 May 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    EU- China Urbanisation Partnership: Staffan Nilsson's Intervention at the Opening Session We have in place for many years now the EU-China Round Table. Within this framework (which was started10 years ago, and was supported in the EU-China summit 2004), the EESC meets regularly with the Chinese Economic and Social Council. Just a few weeks ago we had our EU –China Round Table in Hangzhou. Our declaration adopted by the end of our discussions in April focused on sustainable urban development. Our two rapporteurs, Evelyne Pichenot on the European side, and Professor Zou Ji on the Chinese side, have done a huge work together.
  • Article de discours 2 May 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    Keynote speech at the Conference 'Think green! The opportunities of sustainable development and of the green economy' [en anglais uniquement] The moment for this conference is very well chosen. Only some days ago negotiators from all over the world gathered again at United Nations headquarters in New York for so-called informal contacts trying to prepare agreements that enable the world community to shape the future we want. Because we have to be aware that they are negotiating on our behalf and on behalf of our grand-children about the future we all want to have on our planet. Therefore they need to get our messages about what it is what we actually want and that we care and don't let them go home without a result! With the ever more evident effects of the combined economic, financial, social and environmental crises, people are realizing that existing economic models and patterns do not work any more. That we not only have to talk sustainable development but that we have to act on our words.
  • Article de discours 2 May 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    Staffan Nilsson`s keynote speech at the "Think Green! The opportunities of sustainable development and of the green economy" Promoting a green economy must be part of an overarching sustainable development strategy, striking a balance between social, ecological and economic aspects while achieving distributional and inter-generational equity. We do not need more recommendations, but a green economy roadmap which political leaders need to commit to, with clear goals and monitoring mechanisms, ensuring an economically efficient, socially just and environmentally sound transition to sustainable societies. The transition process must be based on continuous engagement with civil society, including social dialogue.
  • Article de publication
    Édité en: 2012
    24 pages
    Pensons durable, soyons responsables! La société civile européenne en route vers Rio+20
    En février, la conférence du CESE "Pensons durable, soyons responsables! La société civile européenne en route vers Rio+20" nous a offert une occasion unique d’entendre les voix de la société civile européenne à la veille du sommet de l’ONU. Cet événement – qui a réuni près de 300 participants et des orateurs de haut niveau, a proposé des débats animés et a suscité l’attention des médias –, a parfaitement reflété l’importance du développement durable dans le programme du CESE.
  • Article de discours 12 Apr 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    Discours d'introduction du Président du CESE lors de la 11e table ronde UE-Chine (VERSION FRANCAISE BIENTOT DISPONIBLE) The two topics we will be debating during the round table are very crucial ones. One of them concerns demography, the ageing population, and how to transform a challenge into an opportunity. Having a significant number of people over 60 in the population has always been seen as a burden. Should we not, on the contrary, see it as an opportunity to explore new paths for sustainable economic development? Our two rapporteurs will tell us how they see this. The other topic is sustainable urban development; a major topic for our bilateral relations and a major topic for civil society. I think we should examine ways in which we can follow up our work on cities and integrate it into ongoing initiatives launched at the summit by the China-EU partnership on sustainable urbanisation.
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    Conférence - CESE, Bruxelles, Belgique
    Le 2 mai, le Groupe III du CESE, a organisé à Bruxelles une réunion extraordinaire sur le thème: 'Pensez Vert! Les Opportunités offertes par le Développement Durable et l'Economie Verte'. Dans le contexte général de la prochaine conférence "Rio + 20" des Nations Unies sur le développement durable qui se tiendra en juin 2012, l'objectif de la manifestation du groupe "Activités diverses" était double. En premier lieu, il s'agissait de fournir un aperçu historique du débat sur le développement durable et d'analyser les défis actuels, les opportunités à venir ainsi que les éventuelles solutions. En second lieu, il c'était la possibilité d'échanger ses vues quant aux bonnes pratiques issues de projets existants de la société civile et qui œuvrent en faveur d'une économie verte.
  • Article de discours 15 Mar 2012 Organisation: EESC, Discours: Staffan Nilsson
    EESC president's speech at the European Consumer Day (version anglais only) The history of the European Consumer Day dates back to 15 March 1999, when the first event of this kind was organised by our Committee in Brussels. This year we meet again, for the 14th time. The theme of this year's conference, "Sustainable consumption in a time of crisis" is an important, but at the same time very difficult subject. Its importance is obvious, as it is crucial to find a way to meet everyday needs without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Résultats 31 à 40 sur 68