At the first Single Market Forum in Krakow, the EESC president describes the Single Market as an unfinished symphony with 27 soloists (version française bientôt disponible)

11 Oct 2011
Réf.: 107/2011

The conclusions of the two-day event dedicated to assessing the current state of the European Single Market underlined priority actions and changes in political behaviour patterns when it comes to turning the Single Market into a practical reality benefiting all. Jerzy Buzek, European Parliament president, called for democratic accountability and a speeding-up of the legislative process. Michel Barnier, Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, called for more political sovereignty, especially in facing the financial markets. He and Waldemar Pawlak, Polish deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Economy, spoke in favour of Europe's industrial sovereignty to avoid the EU being a customer of global players' goods. Roza Thun, Member of the European Parliament and initiator of the Single Market Forum, referred to the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) and the Community Patent as examples of reasoned integration.